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Vodafone already advertising iPhone 5, maybe


Vodafone Australia has put up a teaser page advertising the upcoming iPhone 5. Or, we assume they are talking about the iPhone 5 because the page says, "Register now for this year's biggest smartphone release." It's hard to believe that Vodafone would consider anything but the next iPhone as the year's "biggest smartphone release."

But for those Aussies among us, don't get too excited. No release date is given (of course), and its entirely possible that due to the already overwhelming demand for the next iPhone, the iPhone 5 may first roll out in the US and then come to other countries in the weeks following.

Apple is rumored to be holding the iPhone 5 announcement in one of their Town Hall auditoriums on October 4th. Until that happens, Vodafone can keep being a tease.

[via BGR]

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