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All Back to the Future episodes updated on iPad, on sale

It's time to go back, Marty: Back to the Back to the Future. That is to say, if you were unsatisfied with how the time-traveling trilogy's adventure game adaptation performed on your iPad, it's time to give them a second shot. An update has launched for all five episodes of the game, improving performance, graphics and squashing a few bugs. Which is fortunate, because when traveling through time in a 30-year-old automobile, you want the experience to be as bug-free as possible.

Also, each episode of the series has been marked down to $2.99 until September 30, if, by chance, you'd like to dip your toes into the game's recently updated waters. Of course, all the diehard fans will lord over you their war stories from the pre-patch days, when Doc Brown had three arms, and Marty spoke in backwards Esperanto.

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Great Scott! All 5 Episodes of Back to the Future: The Game on iPad Have Been Updated & Are On Sale for $2.99 Each Until September 30! Complete Your Back to the Future Collection!

All five of the time-twisted adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown, Back to the Future: The Game on the iPad, have been updated to improve their performance and make repairing the timeline smoother! We listened closely to fan feedback and made improvements in the following areas:

· Significant performance increases
· Graphical improvements
· Minor bug fixes

The full season of Back to the Future: The Game on iPad is currently discounted as part of the Complete Your Collection Sale! Each thrilling episode of Back to the Future: The Game on iPad is only $2.99 until September 30, so there's no better time than now to complete your season - or start it anew!

Power your time circuits on, make sure your Flux Capacitor is fluxing, and set your destination for the AppStore to download all five episodes of Back to the Future: The Game during the Complete Your Collection Sale before time runs out!

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