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NimbleBit donates 35 iPads and more to charity


It's not like we needed more reasons to love brothers David and Ian Marsh of NimbleBit. First off, they make terrific free (and lucrative) games like Pocket Frogs and Tiny Tower. Second, they're super nice and very supportive in the developer community. Third, they're humble and smart, keeping their company small and focusing on just developing good games rather than growing into a megacorporation. And now there's another reason to love NimbleBit: They're darn generous. Sign on San Diego reports that the pair have gifted over $30,000 of equipment, including 35 iPad 2s, to an elementary school in their hometown. The principal of the school is the Marshes' old technology teacher, and he inspired them so much that they wanted to give a little something back, by putting this tech in the hands of elementary school students early.

What a great story. The school will use the iPads to manage their own small businesses that the kids are learning to run, and even to shoot video for the school's TV station. And Ian Marsh says just having the iPads around might be inspiration enough: "When I was in school, I would have died if someone handed me an iPad. ... I definitely think that technology can be useful in education." Agreed. Kudos to the Marshes for their fine work, and applause to them for their generosity.

[via TouchArcade]

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