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RIFT's Ashes of History update goes live


RIFT players, clear your calendars -- you've got a new content patch to explore! Today, RIFT's update 1.5, Ashes of History, is live across all servers.

Trion Worlds' latest update for RIFT includes a number of features geared toward players of all types: soloers (the Chronicles dungeon system), level 50s (planar attunement), danger junkies (master mode dungeons), and PvPers (a brand-new warfront). A fresh and exciting world event is also on the way following the patch's release, although Trion has yet to specify a date for the event's start.

You can catch up on all of Massively's coverage of Ashes of History by watching the launch trailer, reading up on the features list, and learning about the veteran rewards for loyal players. Trion also posted the full patch notes on the site for your perusal.

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