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Microsoft comments on lack of new season in Full House Poker

Don't be too worried about the lack of new seasons for Full House Poker, card sharks: Microsoft's just making sure everyone has the time to grab all the Achievements in the game's current phase. That's the news Microsoft Product Manger Daniel McConnell reportedly passed down to XBLAFans, who explained that fans thought the last, 66-day-long season didn't give them enough time to pull down all the sweet, sweet 'cheevos therein. That explains why the current, summer season is on day 119, with no announced stop date.

Don't think that Microsoft is just letting the title languish -- McConnell added that the season-based Texas Heat mode "is thriving, and we plan to refresh the Texas Heat season in the future." We, for one, can't wait for the autumn season, when the Texas Heat tops off with highs in the mid 70s, rather than in the skin-dissolving low 110s.

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