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Watch your back, Dreamcast VMU, here comes the Turbofire EVO


Despite Datel's storied history with Microsoft's Xbox 360 console, the third-party peripheral manufacturer is once again throwing the dice with an unlicensed controller for the Xbox 360. And in true game industry fashion, the controller is a sequel. Dubbed the "Turbofire EVO Wireless Controller," the $55 pad advertises a ridiculously deep level of control customization, enabling users to map buttons, fine tune rumble strength, and even set rapid-fire speeds.

More bizarrely, the customization is all handled via built-in LCD screen (which looks adorably like the Dreamcast's VMU, albeit modernized), though all the settings can be tweaked on a computer via USB plug. And like previous Datel products, this one seems to fly in the face of Microsoft regulation -- it's completely wireless and syncs with the Xbox 360 without the use of a dongle, which is a big no-no when creating products for Microsoft's console without a license.

The Turbofire EVO costs $55 and is available right now from Datel. At least, it's available until Microsoft sues Datel again.

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