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    iTalkonline Smart ProGel Skin loves your Smart Cover, protects your iPad 2 in TPU


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    The iTalkonline Smart ProGel Skin case is another TPU Smart Cover-compatible back cover for the iPad 2 that comes in a plethora of colors and configurations.


    The Smart ProGel is a basic TPU skin, but covers all edges and the back admirably. Decent sized cut-outs offer easy access to the dock connector port, headphones port, speaker, microphone and camera. The volume buttons and the power button are covered by the case but are still easily usable through the TPU. The case also creates a small front lip where it rolls over on to the glass of the iPad, holding it tightly and allowing you to put it flat on a table without fear for the screen.

    Thickness and material

    The case itself is about 1mm thick and is finished in that typically smooth yet "grippy" texture of TPU. The sides of the case have small manufacturing edges, but they aren't sharp and don't interfere with your grip on the iPad. The TPU itself is well suited to protecting your iPad from scratches and small bumps, but isn't going to protect it much from decent height drops, just like any other thin case in this class. The case we tested had complete back coverage, but the ProGel Skin is also available with a circular cut out to highlight the Apple logo, which might be more of use with the many colored variants available.

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    The iTalkonline Smart ProGel Skin case is inexpensive, gets the job done and works great with your Smart Cover. If you're looking for something that'll protect the back of your iPad 2 from scratches, but won't break the bank, then iTalkonline has you covered for about US$16 plus shipping.

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