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Rumor: Play Battlefield 3 on a hacked server, get banned from Origin (and your Origin games)


It goes without saying that you shouldn't do bad stuff, but what if you technically don't know you're doing something bad? That's the potential situation with the Battlefield 3 beta right now on PC, which has apparently been hacked to allow for up to 128 players on the Operation Metro map. But here's the thing: these hacked matches show up in the regular Battlelog, so players could potentially stumble in and not realize they're doing something wrong.

Regardless, EA wants you to know that doing so will put your Origin account in danger and potentially limit your access to all of the games you downloaded through EA's digital distribution platform to none. The above exchange, which allegedly went down in the EA forums last week, has since been pulled.

We've contacted EA for an official statement on the matter and will update this post accordingly.

[Thanks, Matt]

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