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Star Trek Online bringing the Klingons into the free-to-play test realm

Eliot Lefebvre

The KDF faction has always struggled in Star Trek Online, from its early perception among players as the game's red-headed stepchild of a PvP faction to the present day. But there are still dedicated Klingon players, and there's no shortage of love for the faction in the lore. So there will no doubt be many players happy that starting on October 6th, the Klingon's new and improved play experience will be up for players to enjoy on the test server.

In a significant departure from the past, Klingon players will now start well into the Lieutenant Commander rank, giving players a sizable jump in levels. The story arcs for the faction are now threaded together to alleviate the sometimes confusing structure of the story missions, giving a uniquely Klingon experience from start to finish. And as with all of the testing going on prior to the game's free-to-play conversion, players who clock in enough time to reach level 31 on a Klingon character will earn some bonus rewards -- enough to stir a true warrior's blood for the honor of victory.

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