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Champions' Art Corner shows Golden Age costumes, new Powerhouse locales

Jef Reahard

Cryptic has updated its Champions Online website with an interesting look at what's next for the superhero MMO's costumes and environments. The update is part of the Art Corner miniseries, which is a bi-weekly look behind the curtain at Cryptic's art department.

Lead artist Brad Stokan takes us through some new bells and whistles in development for Champions' Powerhouse locale. If you're unfamiliar with the game, the Powerhouse is a type of testing ground where heroes can sample new abilities and work on their builds. This week's Art Corner shows off several new customizable dueling arenas as well as a theater designed to host a variety of in-game events.

We also get a glimpse of Champions' new Golden Age costume set, and as the name indicates, the set is all about paying homage to a period in comic book history that featured "edgy anti-heroes who went to war with crime fully decked out with weapons, equipment, straps, pouches, and more pouches!"

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