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New Street Fighter X Tekken trailers tease Dan, Mecha Zangief and others

Jordan Mallory

"But wait," you might be thinking. "Isn't Dan Hibiki, founder of the Saikyo-ryu school of martial arts and proprieter of the Saikyo Dojo deceased? Wasn't he killed during the Street Fighter X Tekken announcement at E3?"

Quite right, intrepid fighting fan! Our understanding of the situation has been much the same, and yet the long, luxurious ponytail and pink gi seen in the above trailer are unmistakably Hibiki. It appears as though Capcom has taken to teasing multiple characters per trailer, however, as some of those body parts also look distinctively Juri-esque.

Punch through the break for two more teasers, one of which flashes some undeniably Mecha Zangief goodness. Keep in mind that just because a character is identified in one of these videos, that doesn't necessarily mean they'll be playable in-game. Mecha Zangief has already been spotted in the background of at least one SFXT stage, so only time will tell.

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