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Fallen Earth launches F2P, postpones world events


Fallen Earth has barreled over the falls today into the wild rapids of free-to-play, opening up the game for anyone who wants to experience what the post-apocalypse tastes like (slightly leathery). Current subscribers will find that their accounts have been upgraded to Commander-level status, and all previous subscribers and purchasers of the game will have a brand-new Spiked Chopper waiting for them by the end of the week.

As part of the F2P launch, patch 2.0 has hit the servers, and with it came several changes and hotfixes. Loot drop rates from mobs have been increased and crafting has been tweaked as GamersFirst continues its efforts to rebalance the economy. In a new dev blog, GamersFirst discusses what's going on with the economy and why these changes are taking place. The primary reason that the devs are monkeying with this system is to get players interacting more and to introduce an element of challenge for crafters.

Unfortunately, the world events that were scheduled to go live today have been postponed until next week, following the discovery of several bugs and performance problems.

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