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Battlefield 3 slowly drops multiplayer map details


EA is ready to reveal the 9 multiplayer maps that will come with Battlefield 3 when it ships in a couple weeks. Well, to be clear, it's ready to reveal 9 over two days (four of them today), with one of those four being the "Operation Metro" map from the beta. And by "reveal," we mean: talk about with a couple screenshots. So... yay?

Head on over to the Battlefield blog for details from Niklas Åstrand, one of the level designers at developer DICE on the maps. He covers the vast Operation Firestorm, cramped Operation Metro, the vehicle to infantry progression of Tehran Highway and, finally, Damavand Peak. Internally called "Base Jump," Damavand Peak starts with attackers atop a mountain ridge, working their way down to the valley, with more vehicle warfare below.

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