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CanvasPop: iPhone 4S has 'highest quality on board cameras on any smart phone'


The folks at CanvasPop do a lot of photo printing, so they wanted to see how well the camera on the new iPhone 4S worked with their large-format canvas printing service. The results were great!

One of their in-house printing experts grabbed a sample image from the gallery that Apple posted last week, then wrote a review of the 8-megapixel camera based on the quality of a print that was made. How did he like the quality?

Lo and behold, the printed image came out stellar. Even enlarged to a final size of 18″ x 24″, it retained all of its detail with not even a hint of a pixel showing in the finished print.

The reviewer chalks up the quality of the original and printed images to the new optics, stating:

The 4S includes a better sensor along with a wider aperture. A wider aperture means the camera is more capable of receiving light. More light means - once again - more detail.

The bottom line? "It's entirely possible that the iPhone 4S comes loaded with one of the highest quality onboard cameras in any smartphone to date. Imagine the endless possibilities."

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