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Leader short stories continue with Varian Wrynn: Blood of Our Fathers

Anne Stickney

The latest of the leader short stories is now live on the official site. Varian Wrynn: Blood of Our Fathers continues the story of Wrynn where Wolfheart left off. It is Remembrance Day in Stormwind, and King Wrynn is expected to deliver a speech while still embroiled in the struggles of rebuilding the city after Deathwing's devastating attack. In between, Varian can't help but remember his father and the circumstances surrounding his death -- and his continuing struggle to balance himself along with his relationship with his son.

Anduin features pretty heavily in this story, which continues to explore the somewhat tumultuous relationship between father and son. Anduin's been spending his time learning the arts of the priesthood. When Anduin returns to Stormwind just in time for Remembrance Day, will he be able to reconcile with his father and prove himself a capable son? Will Varian accept his son for who he is, not some version of what Varian would like him to be? Check out the full story by E. Daniel Arey on the official site.

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