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Daily iPad App: Agendas


One of the places where a lot of paper still flies about is for businesses and government are agendas. You walk into a meeting, pick up a paper agenda and, unless you're a reporter who holds onto it for future reference, tend to toss it in the recycle bin afterward. It's a huge waste of paper.

However, more businesses and government organizations are adopting iPads, and this is where the beauty of Agendas comes in. The $9.99 app digitizes the typical paper agenda and turns it into an interactive experience.

Tap new agenda to start a fresh agenda. You can then add elements such as photos, text and real-time polls that can be answered by other people with Agendas loaded on their iPads. Publish the agenda by pressing the talk bubble in the menu bar. You can choose a name for your iPad and an entry code. Once the agenda is published, other Agendas users can access this agenda by typing in the entry code.

The attendees can ask questions through Agendas, and positive feedback on the question from other attendees will flag the presenter to let that person know to add it to the agenda. Once you have a complete agenda, you can print it out for those desiring a paper copy or email a PDF. A meeting length indicator lets you adhere to a certain time so you can keep on track. Agendas can be updated on the fly to add and remove items as needed during the meeting.

In the top right corner of each agenda section, you can tap a pencil icon to make person notes on each section of the agenda. The icon changes to black if you've done this, so you know if you need to go back and refer to a section later. The notes are included on emailed and printed agendas.

Agendas is a great app if you're looking for a program to use to decrease paper usage for your meetings and utilize iPads in the office more efficiently. I would love to see for this to be adopted at my day job for meetings.

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