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Engadget Distro Issue 7 is ready for download!


Come and get it! The very first, fully fresh issue of Engadget Distro is ready for you to consume, and it's not just for the iPad anymore -- a PDF version is available for download below. So what's on the menu this week? We've got a very thorough review of iOS 5 by Dante Cesa, a look at Nikon's first mirrorless camera by Zach Honig, Brian Heater's thoughts on the fourth generation Kindle, Ben Heck's journey to geekdom, Tim Stevens' take on T-Mo's Galaxy S II, and so much more. So if you haven't had a chance to gobble up absolutely every last word that's crossed your monitor this week, let us do the honors of bringing you the very best of what Engadget had to offer, bundled in a beautiful package and absolutely free of charge. Either hit the appropriate link below or check your app for the download -- we promise it's yummy. After all, we baked it ourselves.

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