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Tomb Raider celebrates 15th anniversary with Steam sale this weekend


Has it really been 15 years since we shared in Lara Croft's obsessive lust for artifacts and her undying vendetta against endangered species? Heck, the creatures of the earth aren't even safe after they've become extinct -- she's killed plenty of dinosaurs too.

To commemorate fifteen years of robbing graves, dodging traps and accidentally swan-diving into neck-crunching granite, Steam is offering the post-reboot Tomb Raider series at a magnanimous rate until Monday, 10AM Pacific. Tomb Raider: Underworld is the most expensive of the lot at $6.79, with Tomb Raider 1 remake Anniversary going for $3.39. Crystal Dynamics' first stint with Lara, Tomb Raider: Legend, is available for $5.09.

At under $16 in total, it's a trilogy to be treasured. Err, right before next year's reboot, of course.

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