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Deathwing attacked Stormwind on the PTR


According to reports on the forums and the above video, GM Xel spawned Deathwing on the PTR and had him return to Stormwind to deliver another blow to the Alliance this Friday at the Harbor.

It appears that the version of Deathwing spawned is the current one that flies around Azeroth and burns zones to the ground, killing all NPCs, mobs, and players. We can even see the player in the video get the Achievement "Stood in the Fire." There is no indication this is the version of Deathwing that will spawn in the raids. We didn't see any players on his back, which is something we know will be possible during the fight.

We believe the video and reports are credible. And while it happened on the PTR, there is little possibility of this happening on the live realms. "Fly around and randomly destroy zones" Deathwing doesn't hit the cities, and GMs rarely, if ever, make themselves known on the live realms. However on the PTR, as the video above shows, things are completely different.

Thanks to WoWCynwise and NDMiko for the Twitter tip and video.

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