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Sony Reader PRS-T1 hacked to expose Android, run other e-reader apps (video)


We knew that lurking under the e-ink screen gracing the front of Sony's PRS-T1 reader was some version of Android. What was unclear, was whether or not we'd ever be able to actually get a peek under its highly customized skin and a chance to start poking its open-source innards. Well, thanks to one intrepid hacker, we're almost there. YouTube user vladboroda has managed to install AWD.Launcher and a host of other apps on the Reader and actually got some of them up and running. You won't be able to play Angry Birds on its 6-inch touchscreen (yet...) but it is capable of running other e-reader apps, like FBReader, and there is access to the terminal. It's not quite enough that we'd start referring to the PRS-T1 as a tablet just yet, and the hack still isn't available to the public, but work is progressing and we're sure it'll have you browsing the web and slingshotting aggravated avians in no time. Check out the video after the break.

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