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The Secret World kicks off Week of the Dragon


Take a seat, Templars and Illuminati -- it's the Dragons' time to shine. Over at The Secret World's official site, Funcom has announced this week as Dragon week, meaning that as the week goes by, we'll be granted new information and assets focused on the Seoul-based secret society. The game's director, Ragnar Tørnquist, says, "Revealing new things about the Dragon is exciting for us, as the very nature of the Dragon is to stay hidden and create chaos behind the scenes to reach their ultimate goal." So it should be interesting to see what kind of tricks the organization has up its sleeves.

Whether you're a Dragon initiate looking to find out more about your chosen secret society or you're a member of the Templars or Illuminati ready to build a dossier on your opposition, keep your eyes open in the coming week as the shady secrets of the Dragon are brought to light. In the meantime, though, check out the gallery below for six new Dragon-centric screenshots.

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