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Microsoft's Andy Lees shows off Titan, Focus S, and Focus Flash


Straight out of AsiaD, we've got our first look at Mango's next three handsets: the HTC Titan, the Samsung Focus S (pictured above), and the Samsung Focus Flash. Well, not strictly first -- the Focus S has slipped out into the wild before, and we've already clashed with the Titan and the Radar Lees is showing off, but we're still happy to get a proper look at Sammy's new stars. The Focus siblings both outpace their older brother with matching 1.4GHz processors, but split the difference in screen size, with the Focus S brandishing a larger 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, and the Flash stepping down to a 3.7-inch plus-free Super AMOLED. Cameras? They've got 'em, an 8 megapixel peeper clings to the back of the Focus S, while the Flash retains its predecessor's 5 megapixel cam -- both slabs lay a happy claim to front-facing cameras. Further details are scarce -- we know that the Focus S measures in 8.55 millimeters at its thinnest point and promises "4G" speeds when it lands later this year, but when that might actually be is still a mystery. We'll let you know when we hear something. Check out the galleries below for a better look.

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