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Updated: Jump into the Tribes: Ascend beta with a key from Massively

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Tribes: Ascend has been making waves in our Not So Massively column, with plenty of fans anxious for a first look at it.

We've got something for those fans this morning. The team at Hi-Rez was kind enough to send us a handful of beta keys, and we're in a sharing mood. To get and apply your beta key, just visit our giveaway page to snag your key, then download the Hi-Command game installer. Launch the installer, then log in to your existing Global Agenda account (or create a new account via the installer). Click the "Tribes" tab, hit Enter, and follow the prompts to apply your beta key.

Enjoy the beta, and join us in thanking the Hi-Rez gang for the beta keys!

[UPDATE: Whew, those went fast! If you didn't snag a key, you might want to watch our Twitter feed this afternoon -- just a suggestion!]


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