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Breakfast Topic: Do you plan on playing a monk?

Allison Robert

You'd think that writing at WoW Insider would allow you a little influence over the community, but I suspect readers affect us more than the other way around. Story time: I wasn't initially planning on rolling a Goblin character for anything, but when we polled readers about what class they wanted to play on a Goblin in November 2009, one of our commenters wrote something I never forgot. Necrolord_Bob's response? "Priest! Priest of the holy temple of BOOM!!" How can you not love that?

When Cataclysm hit, I wound up rolling that Goblin priest, and not just for the explosions or the Low-Level Tank Project. The more I thought about Necrolord_Bob's spirit of Goblinish insouciance, the more it occurred to me that a Goblin priest with a mercenary approach to, say, health care would be marvelous to play:

Nearby player: Hey, would you mind getting this disease off me?
Goblin priest: Pre-existing condition.

But I digress. Bringing us back to the present: I am not disposed to like the monk class, regardless of how well-designed it might be. They will wear leather and they will steal all the gear that druids would have wanted to roll on, and I am terrified that they will infest leveling groups in the same fashion that death knights infest Outland 5-mans. This pains me, and yet ... somehow I feel they are destined to be kind of badass.

So tell me, readers: Are you going to play a monk, and why?

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