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Tidying up location contacts for Siri and Reminders


My personal address book has no shame. I have contacts for people I haven't spoken to in years, contacts for people who I met at tech conferences, contacts for schools, for local stores, for repairmen, and so forth. It's one big old happy jumbled mess.

I'm cool with that.

When I want Siri and Reminders to be able to trigger a location-based event, I just throw it into my address book where it joins the hundreds of other often sad and neglected entries.

I believe this makes makes me a type "N" on Myers Brigg or something like that.

Not everyone will be happy with this kind of unstructured approach and an overflowing address book, or this kind of lack of organization.

If you want to be able to to set location reminders without messing up your address book, TUAW reader Will Herbert has a solution. On your Mac, launch the Address Book application and create two new groups. Call one Contacts and the other Locations.

Drag all your normal contacts into the Contacts group and create a set of location-only contacts in the other. Add stores, offices, dry cleaners, supermarkets, and so forth. These are all places that you don't necessarily want in your day-to-day contacts list.

Each of these is still available in the address book and therefore still available to Siri and Reminders. At the same time, they won't clutter up your standard contacts.

Score one for the Felixes of the world. The rest of us Oscars will trudge on as we were.

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