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Apple, Oreo and Capri Sun top list of popular youth brands


Harris Interactive put together a survey asking American youth from ages 8-24 what their favorite brands were, and Apple came out on top in the computer, tablet, and phone space. That's not too surprising, given how powerful Apple's marketing is (not to mention how great its products are), but it is true that "the old" Apple tended to go for the slightly older audiences. Since the introduction of the iPod ten years ago, Apple's marketing and products have skewed younger and younger.

What's perhaps even more interesting in this report is the other brands that are popular with this age group: Oreos! Capri Sun! Nintendo? These kids are into the same things I liked as a kid! Oreos and Capri Sun especially -- I believed those lunchbag standbys were old school, but apparently they're still popular on the contemporary playground. Next you'll tell us that kids today still dig Trapper Keepers and Ecto Cooler!

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