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WoW Moviewatch: PvP by Ken Ashcorp


PvP won the BlizzCon 2011 song contest. This isn't Ken Ashcorp's first song, but here's hoping this is the one that turns into a breakaway hit for him. On the BlizzCon floor itself, we only heard a few second of the music -- a disappointment, since you could instantly hear what a catchy tune it must be.

This isn't much of a video; actually, it isn't a video at all. While we don't normally cover non-videos like this, PvP is more than good enough to make up the difference. It's hard to believe this is a battle anthem, considering the lighthearted, fun style, but PvP clearly speaks to antagonistic, heavy-breathed combat. The lyrics are clever and fast-paced, relying on alliteration and poetic timing to convey a sense of anticipation.

Here's hoping someone reaches out to Ken and offers to turn this into some machinima. It's wonderful music with fun lyrics, worthy of all the attention it can get.

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