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Here's how Sonic Generations' 3DS-specific features will work


When Sonic Generations arrives on Nintendo's 3DS this November, it's going to let you show off to the world how totally into Sonic you are. That is, if you walk by spindash past other folks with a 3DS copy of the game somewhere out there in the real world. Sega revealed the game's 3DS-specific Spot Pass features this week, which it detailed as bi-functional -- trade missions with friends and exchange "profile cards."

Apparently, Sonic Generations comes with 100 extra missions that can be unlocked via Spot Pass, though the extra missions consist of the game's main levels, albeit modified with specific objectives (kill a specific type of enemy, time trials, etc.) As for the profile cards, 3DS gamers will be able to show off their percentage completion of Generations, as well as sharing various other info (messages like, "Eggman is #1!," for instance). Might we suggest adding your killer Sonic fanfic into that messaging area?

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