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Journalist Brent Schlender shares memories of Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs interacted with many people over the course of his career at Apple, NeXT and Pixar. Employees and journalists covering his companies became part of his inner circle and got a rare glimpse of the real man behind the public persona. One such journalist was famed Fortune writer Brent Schlender.

Schlender followed the career of Steve Jobs starting in 1987, covering him when he was at NeXT and then again as head of Apple. In a recent Fortune article, Schlender recounts his time with Jobs over the past two decades. He tells the story of how Jobs laughed when Schlender called him the "graying prince of a shrinking kingdom" in an article that appeared before Jobs introduced the iPod and turned Apple around.

Schlender also recounts a time when Jobs invited him and his children over on a Saturday to show them an early version of Toy Story. Jobs wasn't interested in Schlender's opinion, he was watching the kid's reactions. Even though most of it was an animated storyboard and not fully fleshed out, the children were captivated by what they saw.

You can read more about Jobs's interaction with Schlender and the media in his piece at Fortune. It may not be as comprehensive as Isaacson's biography, but it's still worth a read for those interested in a personal look at the man who co-founded Apple.

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