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Sega and Arkedo team up for 'Project Hell Yeah'


Hell yeah! Sega has teamed up with Arkedo (Nervous Brickdown, Big Bang Mini, the Arkedo Series) to make a game currently only known as "Project Hell Yeah!" Arkedo is now running a development blog for the mystery game, from which we've learned that it has "MEGATONS" of monsters in it, and that Arkedo's been working on it for nine months. Given the codename and the proliferation of monsters, we're going to venture a guess that this is set in a very cute version of Hell.

Sega and Arkedo are still being coy about the details of the project -- including platforms (the fictional Dreamcast 2 is ruled out!) and release date.

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SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON - October 28, 2011
SEGA® America Inc. and SEGA® Europe today revealed an exciting new partnership with Arkedo Studio, best known for Nervous Brickdown and Big Bang Mini for Nintendo DS™ as well as the Indie "Arkedo Series" on Xbox LIVE® Indie Games and PlayStation®Network. Arkedo is currently working on "Project Hell Yeah!" which has been in development at the Paris-based studio for nine months.

"See, SEGA? We spent the last five years telling you repeatedly that someday, somehow, you would publish one of our games," said Camille Guermonprez, Studio Chef at Arkedo Studio. "This day has come. Hell Yeah! Now let's go back to work and finish the damn thing."

"We are absolutely delighted to have signed Arkedo," said Mike Hayes, CEO for SEGA of Europe and SEGA of America. "Arkedo have proved to be at the forefront of innovative design and "Project Hell Yeah!" is sure to continue this trend."

Starting today, the Arkedo blog will be updated regularly with interesting information about the game's development, amusing stories from the studio and their soon-to-be famous "Arkedo Recipes for better food." The blog can be found on:

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