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SWTOR Friday update talks warzones, EA pooh-poohs launch-day demand concerns

Jef Reahard

Electronic Arts boss Frank Gibeau says that fans shouldn't fret about the possibility of missing out on Star Wars: The Old Republic's launch day. The only trouble is that he doesn't say how, opting instead to float a few lines of fluffy marketing speak during a conference call this week.

"We're looking at a rollout plan that is fairly ambitious. We don't feel like we're going to be leading too much demand behind at launch but we definitely are going to be very cautious and thoughtful about how many people we bring on and in what order," Gibeau says. So, how exactly does that allay our launch-day left-at-the-altar fears? Yeah, your guess is as good as ours.

Moving on to more useful SWTOR news, the official site has pumped out its traditional Friday update, and today's reveal isn't so much a reveal as it is a concise collection of information about the game's warzone functionality. Head over to the site for some verbiage and videos about Voidstar, Huttball, and Alderaan.

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