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The Queue: Happy Halloween -- have an utterly terrifying video

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Anne Stickney is in your column, posting creepy stuff.

I am not responsible for any nightmares that spawn from the above video. Blame Alex for asking me to write The Queue today!

erik asked:

Any word on the Pandaren death knight story?

There aren't any. Next!

No, seriously though, there's a good lore reason for the absence of those classes that Pandaren aren't able to be. Pandaren weren't around fighting the Lich King; they were out on their island, and therefore there's no reasonable explanation for Pandaren death knights. Pandaren were also out on their island chilling while the rest of the world was discovering the Light and how to become paladins, so they missed out on that. In fact, the Pandaren have been on Pandaria for 12,000 years according to what we've heard, so they took off and said goodbye to the rest of the world well before Cenarius started teaching druidism -- so that knocks druids off the list, too. As for warlocks ... well, a Pandaren isn't about to truck around with demons. It's not in their nature.

Frankly, besides being lore-breaking, Blizzard would very much like people to experience the Pandaren starting zone, as it explains a heck of a lot about who the Pandaren are, where they've come from, and why they've rejoined the rest of the world. Being able to bring in a Pandaren as a death knight means you start at a higher level in a different zone and miss out on all that delicious story. Blizzard works very hard on all that delicious story, so experiencing it should be something you partake in.

Personally, I don't think Goblins or Worgen should have been able to become death knights, either. Sure, there's lore reasoning behind it and that's fine -- but by rolling a death knight, you're missing out on the respective starting zones. Those starting zones are all kinds of fun! Death knight Goblins never get to experience the joys of Town-in-a-Box, and death knight Worgen miss out on shirtless Liam. And nobody should ever miss out on shirtless Liam.

Hadomen asked:

This is a two part question! In MoP the new pet battle system will be bringing our pets account wide. Will these new pets be new/special pets only? will all of our pets combine into one account wide force?

And if so...what does that do with the yet unreleased winged guardian cub that is not account wide? doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of it only working on one character?

We haven't seen the details as to which pets will convert to the new system, so there's no way to tell yet. It could be that they leave the pet store pets out of the equation as far as Pet Battles are concerned -- or Blizzard could put them in. Supposedly, not every pet will be able to battle.

Me, I'm still holding out for Alliance vs. Horde balloon battles.

yous95 asked:

Why would the Pandaren willingly split up and tale up sides with either faction (from a lore perspective)? If I'm not mistaken, I though they were a content, peaceful race until the factions showed up.

In the past, Pandaren have been known to be neutral. They take the perspective that everyone is a friend until they prove otherwise. I would assume that on the island, someone proves otherwise -- either that, or they simply want to preserve the balance that they cherish, so they split up accordingly. The bit of the starting zone we got to play through at BlizzCon didn't really explain it fully, which means we get to find out either in beta or when we get the game. It's a surprise. Surprises are fun!

darksky asked:

Question for anybody that's had experience on the PTR and has read 'Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects':

Without giving away any spoilers from the book, there are some pretty significant developments to lore in Dragonblight that occur while Deathwing is still alive. Are any of those changes reflected in 4.3, or do we think we'll have to wait 'til the pre-MoP launch events (or even MoP itself) to see them reflected in-game?

Stuff has definitely happened in 4.3 -- however, it's all instanced. So what you read in the book is reflected in game, just in an instanced version. This is to preserve the timeline of Wrath; those who are playing through Wrath are playing back in the past. If Blizzard wanted to update the world every time a novel came out, I'm pretty sure we'd have nothing but expansions that tried to play catch up in an endless loop. And ... well, that's pretty boring, don't you think?

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