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Rdio gets rechristened 'Oi Rdio' while vacationing in Brazil, has plans to visit Germany and Australia


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Are you a resident of Brazil and love streaming music? Have a seat, as Rdio's packed its bags and is headed for a little séjour on the South American continent. Launching later this week, the service will be functionally similar to its US and Canadian counterparts, except it'll lose gratis ad-free streaming and get a name change to "Oi Rdio." That joint word-mark is the result of a partnership with Brazil's largest telco, Oi, which should give the service headway with the former's 70+ million subscribers. But it's just an awareness ploy, as non-Oi subscribers can still partake in all the fun. Unlimited monthly access to the 12 million tunes on offer starts at R$8.99 (about $5) for web, or R$14.90 (about $8.50) for those seeking offline-capable admittance on their mobiles. It's all part of an international expansion, as the service plans to visit Australia and Germany in early 2012. Spotify's passport is plumper, but hey -- you gotta start somewhere.

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