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Deus Ex boosts Square Enix's half-year forecast [update: official results posted]


Square Enix issued a change to its most recent six-month forecast of earnings, now that it's had the benefit of actually experiencing those six months (April-September 2011). That has a tendency to make predictions a bit more accurate.

The revision is a slight increase in net sales, from ¥56 billion ($718 million) to ¥57 billion ($730 million), and a whopping 146.7% increase in net income. These increases come thanks to the success of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and "increased billing revenue" from web, social, and mobile games.

Thanks to the unusually strong yen, Square Enix had the misfortune of marking an additional "foreign exchange loss" of ¥2.1 billion ($27 million). That's a lot of money to just have disappear.

Update: Square has posted its official results and the predictions, unsurprisingly, were right on the money. Net sales reached ¥57.5 billion and net income of ¥3.7 billion ($47.4 million).

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