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PSN game sharing to become more exclusive

Justin McElroy

There were five of you: Timbit, Stan, Rickyface, Darla D and Phillipe. The five of you didn't have anything in common, unless you count not wanting to pay a lot for downloadable games. For years, your little club split the cost of every PSN game that's come down the pike, but now the PS3 Game Buddiez may be on their last legs.

Beginning on Nov. 18, PSN licenses can be tied to only two PS3s or two PSPs, a policy change that only affects games purchased after the start date. While you'll be able to deactivate and reactivate consoles online, the days of five friends sharing an account are over.

While the news came via the EU PlayStation Blog we have every reason to think a policy shift this big will be shutting down PS3 Game Buddiez clubs all over the planet, an assumption we're currently trying to confirm with Sony. [Update: The US PlayStation Blog confirms that this is a worldwide policy.

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