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Goat try out Escape Goat on XBLIG


I'm not entirely sure why developer MagicalTimeBean singled me out by name in an email to Joystiq introducing its new game Escape Goat, about a goat and his mouse friend working to escape from a labyrinth of ever-shifting rooms. I'd like to think it's because I have a reputation for enjoying retro-style games, and platformers in particular; this one certainly has that kind of appeal.

It's probably because I wrote about GoatUp, though. So now I'm the goat game guy at Joystiq. Which is fine, if it means stuff like this is going to be directed at me. Escape Goat is on the Xbox Live Marketplace now for 240 Microsoft Points.

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For Immediate Release

Soulcaster creator unleashes Escape Goat: a new type of puzzle platformer for Xbox Live Indie Games

October 31, 2011

Emeryville, CA: MagicalTimeBean, creator of the critically-acclaimed Soulcaster series, releases a new take on puzzle platforming. Play the role of a goat, imprisoned for the use of witchcraft, who must overcome the diabolical Prison of Agnus. The sheep are slumbering. And unless you can find and awaken them, you will be trapped inside for eternity!

Key features distinguish Escape Goat for a unique player experience:
A custom-built physics engine enables rooms to morph and reconfigure themselves like a living labyrinth.
Work with the friendly mouse, an innovative NPC helper who can reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Send him up walls and ceilings to hit switches and distract enemies. Find a Magic Hat, and you can even teleport to him!
Redbook audio-style soundtrack featuring authentic 1980's synths and samples provide a rocking musical experience from start to finish.
Built-in level editor to create your own mazes and machinery.
Over 50 rooms in 10 regions provide a lasting challenge.
"This is my first puzzle game," says creator Ian Stocker. "Soulcaster featured lots of strategy and combat, so it was a challenge making something completely different. The goat has no weapons, so you have to use the environment to your advantage. Fortunately, players seem to really like it. The best part of development is watching people discover new solutions to the puzzles. Some people like to use precise timing to try for a shortcut, others take the time to painstakingly alter the room."

Ian is currently the only developer at MagicalTimeBean, a fledgling indie game company with just two previous titles. Built from scratch using C# and the XNA Framework, Escape Goat took eleven months to complete.

Available November 2 on Xbox Live Indie Games for 240 Microsoft Points. For more information, visit

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