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LG's thin and mighty P330 laptop surfaces at Korean retailer

Sharif Sakr

Remember that LG 13.3-incher we covered back when it was warm? The one that had everything going for it except precise release info? Well, it's finally dragged itself out of the factory and onto the shelves of a Korean retailer. Unfortunately, the Core i7 processor has been replaced by an i5-2435M running at 2.4GHz, but that's hardly a deal breaker -- and it's possible a higher specced variant will eventually see daylight too. The other key credentials are all intact: an NVIDIA GeForce GT555M taking care of the visuals, a 40GB / 640GB SSD and HDD combo for snappier performance, and an IPS display built into an all-metal 1.7kg (3.6-pound) chassis. The price is listed as ₩1,364,000, which converts to a hefty $1,220 -- but we wouldn't be surprised if LG takes that down to below the MBP threshold when the product comes stateside.

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