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Ultima Online producer's letter promises revitalization of classic content


Did you wonder who was captaining Ultima Online since Calvin "Uriah" Crowner left his role as producer earlier this fall? Apparently, it's been none other than Jeff Skalski, who recently penned a producer's letter to introduce himself to the UO-faithful. In it, he explains that his goals for the grand-daddy of MMOs include heavily increasing the team's interaction with the community, implementing weekly Q&A sessions, squashing bugs, and "breathing life back into areas that have long been forgotten," i.e., revamping older content.

In fact, some of that older content -- Shame, one of the original and iconic anti-virtue dungeons in classic Britannia -- is due for its revamp sooner rather than later. Publish 73, now on the test server, retools Shame with a truly massive itemization overhaul and difficulty scaling as players descend the dungeon's depths.

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