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Mac 101: Use web clippings to put a Mickey Mouse clock on your Mac


Dashboard has several fantastic features, including the ability to turn any web clipping into a widget. Macworld readers decided to use this feature to grab the functioning Mickey Mouse clock from the iPod nano home page and use it on your desktop. Here's how to recreate it:

  • Visit the iPod nano's home page in Safari. Right (or control) click on an empty part of the page and select "open in dashboard."
  • Center the box that appears on the Mickey Mouse clock, or any other section of the page you wish to save. Hit the "add" button that's appeared at the top of Safari. Adjust the handles that appear to get the size you want.

There's more to it, and we encourage to read the rest at Macworld. How does this work? Macworld explains it's because Apple doesn't use Flash on its site. The clock is created from HTML, CSS, JavaScript and images.

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