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AirGo Outdoor Speaker adopts AirPort Express, shrugs off rain


Sure, you could buy an outdoor speaker with native AirPlay support, or you could stuff that spare AirPort Express you have laying around into the AirGo Outdoor Sound Station. This weather resistant speaker forgoes the usual baked in BridgeCo silicone for an integrated AirPort Express dock. Of course, this kind of ad hoc integration isn't cheap -- the AirGo will set you back almost $400, and that's without an Apple AirPort Express. The AirGo's AC cord (that's right, no batteries) ensures that you won't get too far into the great outdoors with this rig, but Russound's CEO is confident that weather won't be a problem. Rain? "Break out the Slip 'N Slide," he says "and continue to rock on." Sounds good to us. Slide on past the break for the official press release.

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Russound Introduces AirGo Outdoor Sound Station

AirGo is the First Amplified Speaker with an Integrated AirPort Express Dock

NEW YORK, Nov. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Russound, a leader in the multiroom audio market, today introduced the AirGo Outdoor Sound Station. AirGo is the first portable, weather-resistant, amplified speaker dock for use with Apple AirPort Express.

AirGo can be placed outside on a deck, on a lawn, in the driveway or anywhere a listener wants to hear great sounding music. With the AirPort Express and AirPlay, the music from an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or PC fills the air with full range sound quality. In addition, users can stream music from iTunes, Pandora or any other music service.
Russound's AirGo Outdoor is weather resistant. Comments Russound CEO Charlie Porritt: "If you're dancing in the yard and the rain begins to fall, break out the Slip-'N-Slide® and continue to rock on."

Installation and setup is simple. Users only need to configure the AirPort express and install it into the AirGo Outdoor's protective pocket before plugging it into an outlet and enjoying great sounding music.

The internal stereo speaker and specially designed power amplifier deliver a wide, detailed soundstage that will impress in any setting - from patios and decks to dorm rooms and offices.
In addition to providing high performance audio outdoors, AirGo offers the added advantage of serving as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, thanks to the Apple AirPort Express and its ability to serve as a Wi-Fi repeater.

"The concept of portable, streaming audio takes a quantum leap forward with AirGo," adds Porritt.
The AirGo Outdoor Sound Station measures 12.6" (H) x 12.9" (W) x 10.2" (D), and weighs 16.25 lbs. Power is supplied by the AC cord, conveniently stored for easy access onboard the AirGo. The AirGo Outdoor Sound Station is UL Certified for use in outdoor environments.
The AirGo Outdoor Sound Station is now shipping with a suggested retail price of $399. It is available through Amazon, Best, and Crutchfield, as well as Russound's traditional custom installation specialists. To learn more about AirGo Outdoor Sound Station, please visit

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