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Apple addresses Lion server issues with new technotes


If you run Lion server and have problems with podcast streaming or want to view local volumes on your server, you'll want to read two new technotes on Apple's support site. Spotted by MacNN, they will tell you how to setup https to serve up podcasts and how you can tweak your settings to view a mounted local volume or a shared folder via SMB.

One article (Technote TS4126) addresses podcast streaming and SSL certificates, a problem which arose in OS X server 10.7.2. Unlike earlier versions, this version of Lion server streams podcasts using a secure https connection. In this issue, users visiting your Lion server cannot view podcast thumbnails. When they try to playback content, the thumbnail is missing and only a blank window appears.

To fix this issue, server administrators can either purchase a signed security certificate from an established Certificate Authority or use a self-signed certificate. If the admin chooses the self-signed route, users attempting to view a podcast will be presented with a warning about an untrusted certificate. Once the user accepts this certificate as coming from a trusted source, they can gain access to the podcast content.

The other technote HT5028 has two command-line tweaks for server administrators. The first will let admins view any volumes mounted locally on the server and the second will let them access shared folders over SMB. Once entered, admins will have to reboot the server to make these changes stick.

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