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Aeris returns to life as Theatrhythm bonus character


It should come as no surprise that Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, which features music from throughout the series, also features more characters for your onscreen party, drawn from a variety of Final Fantasies. It's even less surprising that Final Fantasy VII's iconic, dead Aeris would be among those redone in the music game's signature style (originally found in character art for Kingdom Hearts Mobile).

The latest issue of Jump revealed this information, Andriasang reports, along with the following: Snow (FFXIII), Prishe (FFXI), Vivi (FFIX), Faris (FFV), Cid (FFIII), and Princess Sara (FF). They'll be unlockable as "sub characters," and can be swapped into your party. Not that it really matters who walks along the bottom of the screen as you tap icons rhythmically!

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