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IconSettings provides one-touch access to iOS settings with bookmarks


IconSettings, from the South African blog iPhoneZA, is an interesting hack that lets you set up one-touch buttons on your iOS device to access specific parts of the Settings app (like turning Bluetooth on or off, toggling Airplane mode, adjusting date & time, etc.) without going to the trouble of jailbreaking and using a tool like SBSettings. It's free, and takes only a moment to configure.

All it is is basically a series of JavaScript links that you can save out to your iOS homepage as bookmark app icons. Tap an icon, and it loads the bookmark in the browser; Mobile Safari then tells the iPhone to launch the Settings app to a particular function, sending you to the appropriate screen with just a touch.

Pretty smart. Of course, you'll need to be connected to the Internet when you use set up these things, since it's just a link on a webpage (the latest 2.0 versions of the bookmarks do not require connectivity after the initial config). But it's a cool implementation, and if there's a setting you find yourself having to browse through menus to adjust often, it might be worth setting up a bookmark or two for quick and easy access.

[via Engadget]

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