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Eligium shows off the Human and Viridis races

Eliot Lefebvre

We're still in the dark about many of the mechanics behind Eligium, the upcoming fantasy MMO from Frogster, but we now know a bit more about who players can be within the context of the world. Two races have been unveiled on the official site: the Human race, with the classes of Warrior and Mage, and the Viridis, who can become Druids. The classes are locked to given races, meaning that each individual class says a great deal about the race as a whole.

Humans are the only race who appears to get two different classes, with Warriors as heavily armored wrecking balls and Mages as long-range purveyors of destruction. The Viridis, meanwhile, are a green-skinned people who formerly studied under the Elves before breaking free and mastering the art of nature magic. The first preview of basic Druid abilities is also available, which should help potential players get an idea of what they want to play when the game starts up.

[Thanks to Piaskowy for the tip!]

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