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Saints Row: The Third DLC kicks off with invincibility, 'Shark-o-Matic'


You've had a full day to let the madness that is Saints Row: The Third sink in. Now what? Well you'll need a gun that shoots fish guts, obviously. Volition is delivering just that for $1.99 in the "Shark-o-Matic" gun, along with a separate $2.99 cheats pack for dirty, dirty cheaters.

Shacknews spotted both packs popping up -- alongside the expected $20 "season pass" -- in all three versions of the title as of this morning, kicking off what is said to be a whopping 40 weeks of additional content. Beyond the upcoming (free) CheapyD DLC, we know of three mission packs -– "Genkibowl VII," "Gangstas In Space," and "The Trouble With Clones" -– as well as the Nyte Blayde DLC pack that THQ has in store for SR3 players. Presumably we'll see more ... uh ... next week!

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