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The MMO Report: Occupy Azeroth edition


This week on The MMO Report, Casey wonders whether we're occupying Azeroth yet -- after all, Blizzard seems to be one of the few MMO companies capable of losing a million players while increasing profits. "You guys gonna have to sell your Lear jets in order to cover your yacht maintenance costs?" wonders Casey. No. No, they are not.

The Beard also discusses EverQuest II's latest free-to-play transition ("people are still paying for that game?!"), The Secret World's Templar week, Minecon in Las Vegas this weekend, and Bigpoint's Game of Thrones MMO -- an IP we'll probably be sick of "before the game even comes out."

Casey winds down with a list of winners for the ongoing MMO Report drinking game contest and an amendment to the rules: "Taking a drink every time I say something sarcastic is not a drinking game. That's just called drinking. Because it never ends."

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