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Report: Good Old Games to offer Good New(ish) Games


During the CD Projekt Red Investor's Day conference in Poland today, GOG managing director Guillaume Rambourg announced an "audacious plan" to bolster the DRM-free retailer with the addition of new games, following the success of The Witcher 2 on the service.

"Traditionally, has looked for great classics that are three years old or older," he said. "We will continue to add classic games, of course, but we are actively working to sign newer titles now." Rambourg noted that the newer games will cost more than most GOG releases --$13.99 to $16.99, but that the company plans to maintain its DRM-free model. The low prices suggest that these won't be brand new games, but simply games more recent than GOG's current three-year cutoff period.

According to a translation of GOG's action plan, the company's goal is to be the number two PC digital distribution platform. It's already the number one platform in our minds, whenever we think about old adventure games. Isn't that enough?

Update: GOG officially announced the initiative. Find the press release after the break.

Show full PR text discusses future plans at CD Projekt RED Conference
Newer games to be added to catalog as the DRM-free digital distributor sets its sights on being the second largest independent digital distributor on the 'Net

(WARSAW, POLAND -- 17 November 2011), the DRM-free digital distributor with a difference, announced its plans for 2012 and 2013 today, stating that it while it will continue to add classic titles to its catalog it is also pursuing newer titles, it seeks to continue its impressive growth rate over the next two years, and looking for exclusive release opportunities with certain developers.

Speaking to a room of investors and journalists, Managing Director Guillaume Rambourg stated, " has been performing very well the last three years, as we've mentioned previously both at CD Projekt conferences and at venues like the London Games Conference last week. We have an audacious plan for the the next two years to continue's success story, and that depends on three things.

"First, we will be adding newer games into the catalog in 2012. Traditionally, has looked for great classics that are three years old or older. We will continue to add classic games, of course, but we are actively working to sign newer titles now. Of course, these new titles will have to come at a new, higher price point, but our key focus will always be on the same core values that have made great so far: completely DRM-free games, flat prices everywhere in the world, and extra content and goodies for our fantastic customers.

"Second, the consistent growth that has had since we launched in 2008 has been a great success story. We've been profitable since our first month, and the fact that we've come from nowhere to bring over a million classic gamers to our website every month and over six million games downloaded proves that gamers want an alternative to the usual digital distributors. We want to continue this growth, and we have a plan for this: more than 400 products in our catalog by the end of 2012, combined with new partners, more franchises, and continued improvements to make a better website will help us achieve this goal.

"Finally, we want to work closely with ambitious developers and independent publishers who feel a kinship with that 'good old spirit' that embodies. Thanks to the commercial success of The Witcher 2 on, more and more people realize that our values are universal. They are coming to GOG and asking if we can carry their titles. We've made the destination for classic PC games, but now is the time to take this to the next level and emerge as the best alternative digital distribution platform for all PC games."

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