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Rebellion (Rogue Warrior, AvP) seeking to emphasize quality, rebuild reputation


Rebellion, the studio behind Rogue Warrior and Aliens vs Predator, is looking to change its reputation for less-than-average quality. Speaking to Edge (via MCV), CEO Jason Kingsley says the company is trying to turn things around.

"It's now a deliberate policy to move away from making games that might have been good for business, but not necessarily good for our reputation," Kingsley stated. "You're only as good as the deal you're offered. If someone says 'Can you make me a game in nine months?' then the answer is, 'Probably. But it won't be as good as a game where we've had creative input and the time to mature the idea.'"

Rebellion is currently working on NeverDead and Sniper Elite V2. The road to redemption is a tricky one after high-profile incidents. Just ask Obsidian.

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