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Tradition is a good thing: The Secret World's Templar trailer tries to recruit you


Meet Rose. She's a white-haired 21-year-old who eschews Facebook and club hopping in favor of fighting the forces of darkness. As one of The Secret World's Templars, Rose has fallen in with an organization that she thinks has the best chance of prevailing through the coming war.

Rose is also the star of Funcom's Templar trailer, which gives us a brief overview of the faction's philosophy and focus. Loyalty, tradition, brotherhood, and discipline are the cornerstones of what makes the Templars so effective in combating the evil that we fail to see all around us.

Still haven't made up your mind which TSW faction to join? Rose makes the case for why it's good to hang with the Templars: "We are the lions of the secret world. When we roar, everyone listens."

You can watch the full trailer after the jump, and don't forget that Funcom is hosting a Q&A on Facebook today at 10:00 a.m. EST!

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