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Counter-Strike: GO beta arrives just in time for Winston Churchill's birthday


After a brief delay, it seems that the Counter-Srike: Global Offensive beta will launch on PC at the end of November. The game's Twitter feed revealed a November 30 launch date for the game's pre-launch trial run late last week, as spotted by The feed also noted that "de_Dust and "de_Dust2" will kick off the beta, which only allows "current key holders" entry at launch.

Valve previously stated that CS: GO's beta period would initially roll out with around 10,000 players, and will grow "in steps" as the company tests stability and server structure. The full game is expected to launch sometime in "early 2012," but don't expect a hard date anytime soon -- between the developer being Valve (see: "Valve Time") and the approach the company has taken to launch (the beta will eventually just turn into the final product), we don't expect a solid release date until the game is already upon us.

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